I start by looking for the core truth of your business, what makes it unique. I then work with you to expose that, and deliver innovative marketing, web design, branding, and technology solutions that will improve your companies bottom line.

What you will find in this portfolio is a partial listing of some of my work (photo, print and branding ideas, web ideas and video ideas). Some of it is new, some of it has been around for awhile. I've been designing since the late nineties, so I only look like the new kid on the block. I love to dig in and get my hands dirty!
photography ideas
Click here to view some of my photo ideas on Flickr or click below if you prefer to see the same pictures on black through Flickriver.

Igor Gottardi - View my most interesting photos on Flickr (with Flickriver)
print and branding ideas
Campaigns are my specialty, and I have no greater joy than creating some snazzy advertisements with taglines that will get your target audience to think about your advertisement. Get them thinking about it, and next thing you know they're thinking about you! Click on the thumbnails above to peruse some of my work.
web ideas
You see now, more than ever, I believe that it ís important for companies to stand up, stand out, and get noticed. What makes YOUR company different than all of the other out there? Presence, you see, makes the difference. Ahhhh, basking in the spotlight, knowing people are talking about YOUR business around the watercooler.
Get noticed, and be remembered. This is what a website should do for your business. Extend what your brand and advertising is already doing. Click on the thumbnails above to peruse some of my work.
video ideas
Click here to view some of my video ideas.
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