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you're in the right spot
I rappresent a small agency in the big pond... but I have ocean sized ideas that hit the spot time and time again. I like to believe that I am a culmination of savvy marketing, street smart business strategy, web and print design, technology development, sweat, guts, late nights, coffee, and a determination to be the best around. By striving to be the best, I work to deliver spot on results to all of my clients. What I believe in is doing truly AMAZING work, getting the job done right and to only work with businesses that are as equally determined.


the spot for print work
Being able to find a cohesive balance between the message and the design is critical to success in advertising. Building a brand through printed media is a necessary cost of business. This can include a virtually endless array of items ranging from magazine advertisments, direct mailers, and packaging to more rudimentary branding such as business cards and letterhead.

In order for your business to really hit the spot with customers, you MUST have a strong brand. I have extensive experience creating and re-envisioning brands through the following services:
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Print Advertising and Collateral

When creating an advertising campaign I ensure that each step is aligned with the company perception you are trying to create or have all ready created. Advertising and branding are built on not only repetition, but by creating innovative and original ways of generating the repetition.

I consider everything I do to be part of building your brand. If your customer has a good experience through your web site or marketing brochure, that is re-enforcement of your brand. So, whether it is creating a brand from scratch or extending an existing brand, every aspect of what I do ties back to your overall goals and objectives. I immerse myselves in your business to understand everything from the "Big Picture" issues to the tiny details. I take that comprehensive knowledge to create a clear and unique plan to expand or establish your brand across all relevant types of media.


branding that hits the spot
Do you realize just how important your company logo is? It appears on everything from your letterhead to your website, reaching customers, prospects, suppliers and the press. In other words, your logo reaches everyone who has any contact with you and is the first impression someone will have of your company. Because of its potential impact, your logo must offer a favorable impression of your business. Present yourself clearly and dynamically, and you'll look like a pro.

Your logo should reflect your company in a unique and honest way. Yea, it sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how many business owners want something "just like" a competitor. If your logo contains a symbol --often called a "bug"-- it should relate to your industry, your name, a defining characteristic of your company or a competitive advantage you offer.

Avoid too much detail. Simple logos are recognized faster than complex ones. Strong lines and letters show up better than thin ones, and clean, simple logos reduce and enlarge much better than complicated ones.

Although your logo should be simple, it shouldn't be simplistic. Good logos feature something unexpected or unique without being overdrawn. Look at the pros: McDonald's, Nike, Fiat. Notice how their logos are simple yet compelling. Anyone who's traveled by a McDonald's with a hungry 6-year-old knows the power of a clean logo symbol.


the spot for internet
What makes a web site successful is creating a functional yet visually appealing presence that will render identically on all browsers, maintain acceptable download times, rank well in search engines and will serve as an extension of your company image.

Presence is the quality of self-assurance and effectiveness that permits an organization to achieve a connection with its target audience. Web Presence is the establishment of your identity and marketing using the Internet as a driver in delivering your message. Presence means so much more than just the state or fact of being present; it means that you have arrived to the party and all eyes in the room just shifted to you.

YOU need to be in that spot. That's where I come in. You see now, more than ever, I believe that it ís important for companies to stand up, stand out, and get noticed. What makes YOUR company different than the others out there? Presence, you see, makes the difference. Ahhhh, basking in the spotlight, knowing people are talking about YOUR business around the watercooler. Get noticed, and be remembered. That is the spot you want to be in, that is the spot you CAN be in.

I approach each project with a customer-centric design perspective. I work closely and hand in hand with my clients to identify target audience, highlight key message points, and understand detailed business objectives to deliver an identity that will create true Presence.

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